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I have experience of delivering several software & writing projects of varied sizes and requirements.

OWM JAPIs lets you develop weather-aware applications for Java and Android platforms. It’s easy-to-use weather APIs’ library for retrieving weather data from OpenWeatherMap.org. You can retrieve, use and show weather information in your apps by writing as few as ten lines.


LPU WAAT is an auto-authenticator for the Wi-Fi service at Lovely Professional University. It can automatically authenticate the Wi-Fi so that you can sit back and enjoy un-interrupted Internet in the college campus.

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"User-friendly Software and Compelling Content is the new Advertising."
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I'm awesome at planning, creating & delivering competent projects.

I'm a freelance software developer & technical writer and believe in having a good time while doing what I love, and I do love what I do.

I have been developing software for over 2+ years, and have a passion for visually-appealing & user-friendly software. I believe in the philosophy of "less is more", that says to focus on just the essential and productive features.

I have been writing technical articles for over 3+ years, and create compelling and useful content that converts readers into customers. I believe in keeping it "short and sweet, effective and impactful".

But enough about me – let's talk about you.

Whether you own a business or planning to create one, you need some software to help you or your customers and that's where I can assist you.

Whether you make money from a blog or sell products online, you need user-targeted content to bring traffic and that's where I can help you.

  • Software Development

    Java, Android, Python

  • Web Development

    Java, Python

  • Technical Writing

    How-tos, Reviews


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